Oil Sands Truth: Shut Down the Tar Sands

A collection of the finest hate mail received

Got to admit you guys are persistent. Too bad you're all a bunch of
absolute fuckin' nutters. My hope is that the tarsands development will
continue to accelerate so that I can increase my carbon footprint by buying
a bigger SUV with which to aimlessly drive around in without a fear of fuel
shortages. Truth is the oil companies are cleaning up a gigantic hazardous
waste site at Ft McMurray - well done boys! Now - where's my remote starter
for my 12,000 lb SUV?

Rather than shutdown the tar sands how about - you guys shut up!!!!
I actually have a sample somewhere of the "TAR SANDS" bitumen - man I love
the smell of that stuff - smelling it is like sitting inside a big
beautiful delayed coking drum with a bunch of my enviro-whacko,
anti-globalization, commie, scum sucking global warming yo-yo opponents.

Here's to global warming!!!

you all are smoking way too much dope, a bunch of al gore and suzuki
it it was up to nuts like you basing everything on bad science we would
all be living in grass huts, were do you think your welfare checks come
from? first you all protest about globalisation this would be worse if we
follow your lead, give it up a ice age coming!! ha ha

I really don't think you know what you're talking about. How about you come
for a tour of one of our facilities and then make ur decision. You cant
make judgements based on things u hear and read. Also, i do believe you use
our oil SOMETIME in your everyday life, so shut it.

What are you women talking about regarding women not being allowed or not
being trained to work in the trades sector? Perhaps the numbers are small
at this time but it is people like you who discourage young female workers
with your negative voice from even entering the industry. I have been a
construction worker for the past 30 years, when I first started there were
very few women in the industry, but that has grown by leaps and bounds and
I do nothing but encourage women to get out and get a trade. I started as
a bull cook (bed maker, dishwasher) and saw a different way of life and
became a surveyor which then led to heavy equipment operator, then onto
ironworking and finally to being a health and safety advisor.

I have had the odd discouraging word but get a grip if you can't take the
heat then give it right back to where it came from, women have to know how
to stand up for themselves and need to be able to fight for what they want.
I have never been intimidated when working in industrial construction, as
a matter of fact most of the men are caring and will listen to a women more
readily than they will listen to their fellow men. too much testosterone

To make it in this industry you don't need to use your breast or your
beauty, you need to use your brains and be a hard working honest person
that has an excellent work ethic. That more than anything is what got me to
where I am. I like/love my work, I would not trade it for any other job
and I never wanted kids so this was the perfect life.

I married a construction worker and so he knows exactly what it is I am
going through if I have a hard time. Yes, there are hard times but it is
not because I am female, it is because this business can be full of back
stabbers. You will find that on any job you go to, someone is always
trying to make themselves look good at your expense and don't try and tell
me that it doesn't happen in your job. Just look at the person below you,
are they being all sweet and buttery, well look out sister because they
probably went to the boss last time you took too long on your lunch break
and have their eye on your position.
When your workin with a bunch of guys they don't always think like that,
anyway, I have many female friends in the industry and I don't think any of
us would ever have gone on to another kind of work. We love the money, the
change of job scene, (because in construction we are always working
ourselves out of a job the one downfall is being away from home for long
periods but we make do so as to pay the bills) and the recognition for
working in a male dominated industry. You have to be strong and
independent to work in this field and don't let anyone tell you any
different. And that stuff about stopping the tar sands, get a grip, you
would bring the country to it's knees, this is the only place in Canada
where there is any work and you want to stop it. You truly are insane, how
will all those people up here working feed their families? what will the
people that come from all over Canada do for work because there isn't any
work where they live, what about all those foreign workers that Canada has
let in, they need to feed their families too!

Shut down the tar sands-not until you can produce an alternative source of
fuel for the transportation hungry giant called North America. Wake up you
people, this is not a polyanne world we live, be thankful you have a job, I

I won't write any more after this because I see that you never have
anything good to say about what is going on here anyway. The last article
I read was regarding camp, this person that came to camp to write the story
needs to spend a little more time in camp to truly appreciate what it is
like, camp is what you make of it, even though security told them to stop
tobogganing all they had to do was go to their camp committee member and
get the rules changed if they can. That woman truly has no concept of what
camp life is like, I lived in an ATCO trailer camp for almost 25 of my
thirty years in construction "She don't know what it used to be Like!!"
Women never had their own washrooms, we had to share with the men, stall by
stall, we lived in rooms where you could here the guy beside you flipping
the pages of his newpaper or magazine through the wall.

If she is the kind of woman that accepted all those free drinks from men
then she got what she deserved; that is the first rule of thumb, don't take
free gifts from people if you are not willing to reciprocate, you have to
ask yourself; was that her first time in a bar as a female?

Granted, the town of Ft McMurray is dingy at times but if the transient
population were to do something good for the town like help pick up garbage
if they have a community program. Volunteer for things, if transients are
the problem (and I am a transient) then tranisents need to fix things. I
often go around with a bag and clean up litter on the streets because it
helps. Don't alway complain about how bad things are because you have no
idea how good we really have it here. It is easy to make your room nice
with even just a few small things to add to your room, a special plug in
night lite or some small things that remind you of home. Your life is what
you make of it, and if you are negative you will always be complaining. Go
take a pill and chill out!

Fuck YOU!!

[Mail sent with the charming subject header: "go choke on a dick you hippies"]

oh my fucking god dont you have some thing better to do I dont even work in
the oil sands but do work in the oil field we work the 12 hour shifts in
rain snow sleet and the hot of alberta heat while you get to sit in you big
office building with air condition working 9 to 5 and you think your the
best by go "I drive my little fule saving car" well it stell takes fule and
you bitch us out fuck you well dive trucks because its a need too we can't
go down muddy in a shit box car let a lone 2 wheele drive so go fuck

Dear,Stupid hippies. All you hippies are ignorant. Even though the tar
sands are bad for the environment they generate money. Money is good
because without it shit hits the fan. I live in Alberta and I love oil.
Oil=Money Money=Power It's all good no matter how you look at it. So what
some animals are going to die. That's why we have brains so that we can
kill the other species. Also you hippies are never going to beat large
companies or government so stop annoying people and get over it. Plus
without the oil sands Alberta would be a "have not" province and we would
have p.s.t. which would be as gay as environmentalists. So you hippies
should go choke on some dicks and die. Please leave my province alone you
faggot ass butt pirate fuck face piles of crap. Mine this planet first the
other ones later

10) [sent with the header: "2010 olimpics"]

All you stupid fucking Americans do is complain about shit. Stop
complaining about shit when it's going good for Canada give it a break for
once you assholes.

I like the way you (folks) pick and choose the hate mail you display on
your website. Hmmm. lets think for a moment...how did you get to work
today? did you ride in a gas powered vehicle? no hey? This computer you're
reading from didn't involve any fuel to produce did it? You people are the
biggest bunch of biggots on the planet. Go home and see how many products
are around without being created by using oil...then come back and tell us
all that you can live in your cave. Get a grip folks...you need it to
survive, quit pretending that you don't heat your homes or drive, or ...you
know the routine ...now let's see you REALLY live without our
oil.................2 faced liars!

I love how you only focus on the negative impacts of the oil sands. do you
wear shoes? take them off. You drive a car? blow it up. You take a plane to
places? walk. You always preach that we destroy the environment well what
have you done to help. all you hippies do is BITCH BITCH BITCH. Stop
talking about things you lack the intellect to comprehend. Maybe if you
actually learned about what oil and tar sands DO you could maybe learn that
almost none of your points make any sense. We don't exploit and racialize
"non-citizens" and i QUOTE "Tar sands production has led to many serious
social issues throughout Alberta, from housing crises to the vast expansion
of temporary foreign worker programs that racialize and exploit so-called
non-citizens. Infrastructure from pipelines to refineries to super tanker
oil traffic on the seas crosses the continent in all directions to all
three major oceans and the Gulf of Mexico. "

Take off your shoes and walk until they start to bleed. then keep walking.

You guys are definately doing the right thing, we should definately push to
stop oil production in canada and force the united states and others like
them to import their oil from ethical, non poluting countries like Libya,
Iran and Saudi Arabia that will make htings much better for everyone,
especially Canadians.

If you morons had half an education (maybe say an engineering degree like
mine) You would realize that mining the tar sands is the only way to extract
the ressource from that location due to the geology of the area and that it
is producing less CO2 then Britian or China. Alberta has strict standards for
spills, disposal, safety and environment. Unlike your "groups" who claim to
have the facts, none of you seem to try and get information from real sources
like the people who work on, around and build these sites.

Do the world a favor, shut up and go after the true criminals in the world.
Maybe try reading Ezra Levant's book "Ethical Oil" and see if you can't
educate your selves a bit.

you are a bunch of losers working for george soros. Continue buying oil from
Iran to fuel you fucking shit ass prius and leave us alone. Thats right fuel
the destruction of the west and aid the destruction of thier ecosystem you
bunch of hypocrytic pansy ass losers

15) [a]
You people won't know the truth if it slapped you in the face. Get a real
job!!!!!!!!!! Hypocritical whitewash once again.

15) [b]
Is it legal for you people to post some of the "hate mail".
When they shut down the "oilsands" we are all coming to live with you.

A bit of socialist doctrine in the environmental movement - do as i say not
as i do.

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