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Edmonton 2010 "Spirit Train" Protest Full Length Radio Broadcast (CJSR)


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Edmonton 2010 "Spirit Train" Protest Full Length
(CJSR Radio Broadcast, hosted by Aaron Chubb)

We cover one of the protests happening from Vancouver to Montreal against the Olympic "Spirit Train" on Monday, September 29th, in Edmonton. About 30 aboriginal protesters and their supporters confronted the "Spirit Train"; and despite a heavy police presence a "Resist 2010" banner was hung from atop of the train. Members of indigenous communities ravaged by tar sands and their allies were also a part of the convergence. A message was presented that the same corporations that are funding and supplying the 2010 Olympics, the largest spectacle on earth, are also funding and operating in the the tar sands, the largest and dirtiest industrial project on earth. The protest also provided a radical education for hundreds of students at J.P. Wagner High School where the train had stopped.

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