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Alberta won't apologize for remarks about tar sands protesters: solicitor general

Alberta won't apologize for remarks about oilsands protesters: solicitor general

October 6, 2009

EDMONTON — Alberta's solicitor general says the government won't apologize for publicly weighing in on how it thinks oilsands trespassers should be prosecuted.

Fred Lindsay says he respects the independence of judges and prosecutors, and his comments and those of Premier Ed Stelmach only reflect their concerns for public safety.

Lindsay and the premier caused waves with remarks about 16 Greenpeace activists who were charged after trespassing at an oilsands upgrader near Edmonton.

Stelmach said the protesters were being coddled by the justice system and he would work with legal officials to stop them.

Lindsay mused about using the province's counter-terrorism provisions against the protesters, but he now says he didn't mean to imply they were terrorists.

Brian Beresh, the lawyer for the activists, says the remarks are a blatant example of political interference.

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