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Discussion Points on a Moratorium

Discussion Points on a Moratorium
No New Approvals-- of what?
July 29, 2008

What a difference a year can make. Since the Summer of 2007, the median opinion in Alberta has moved forward rapidly. A year ago a few environmental NGO groups were calling for a moratorium on tar sands project approvals and some other social groups, indigenous nations and trade unions were (while many others were not) suggesting that development of the tar sands could continue but needed to slow down at least the pace of development. Through much hard work, reaching out, networking and building trust-- in less than a year-- almost all ENGO's, the Alberta Federation of Labour and many local unions along with “non environmentally focused” organizations such as the Council of Canadians and The Polaris Institute have all united together to call for what is now a singular campaign to have “No New Approvals”. The No New Approvals[NNA] campaign has brought a level of unity in among many social sectors that had never seen such before, and includes almost every effected first nations community through to landowners associations.

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Discussion Points on a Moratorium

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