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Enbridge’s Expansion: The Flanagan South Pipeline

flanagan south
flanagan south

Enbridge’s Expansion: The Flanagan South Pipeline

The Cause:

To resist the construction of the KXL and the expansion of tar sands infrastructure and dedicated to stopping Tar Sands transportation and extraction infrastructure in the beautiful heartland of North America.

1: Opposition to all forms of Tar Sands exploitation
2. Opposition to Infrastructure Which Supports Further Tar Sands Exploitation
3: Explicit Support for Indigenous Peoples
4: Acknowledgement of Direct Action as A Legitimate and Necessary Tactic
5: No Condemnation of Resistance

The Flanagan South pipeline is part of Enbridge’s larger expansion project that includes; the Alberta Clipper, Line 61, and the Seaway Pipelines. Proposed as an alternative route to the Keystone XL Pipeline Enbridge’s proposed expansion project covers 2,609 miles crossing 8 states.

Enbridge Expansion Vs. Keystone XL

Both pipelines top out around 35 million barrels per day, but the Enbridge project has nearly 700 miles more pipe, all of which is prone to leaks and spills.

Enbridge Expansion

Keystone XL

Enbridge, Inc.

TransCanada Corp.


2,609 miles

1,962 miles

Gallons per day (max capacity)



States crossed





$7 billion

Major waterways and aquifers crossed

Mississippi River, Missouri River, Arkansas River, Red River, Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer (TX)

Yellowstone River, Platte River, Ogallala aquifer, Arkansas River, Red River, Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer
The Grassroots Resistance:

Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance

flanagan South

Coalition members include:

Coyote Creek Center for Environmental Justice
Owe Aku
Keystone Blockade
Cross Timbers Earth First!
Oklahomans Against Tar Sands (OATS)

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