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Energy Alberta Announces Plans for Nuclear Plant near Whitecourt, Elsewhere

Nuclear power plant proposed for Whitecourt

Energy Alberta Corporation, an Alberta-based energy company, is actively looking at the town of Whitecourt and other Alberta communities as a potential host for a nuclear power plant.
Tuesday May 01, 2007

The company has said they expect the plant to be part of an exciting new venture that will benefit Alberta for decades to come and will provide clean, emission free power required by the ever-growing oil sands projects.

Company president Wayne Henuset said, “"Many of my businesses were in the oil patch. My father was an oilman. I know what insatiable appetite there is for oil. I know that Alberta is taking full advantage of this now and will for many years to come. I also know that it takes a huge amount of power to extract the oil from the oil sands. I know that this power comes at a cost to the environment. I wanted to do something about that. All roads led me to Nuclear power.”

"After a lot of research and discussions with many people from all over the world, I believe Nuclear is the best way to produce the power the province needs."

He said that he was not naïve enough to believe everyone in the community would have the same convictions and therefore he and other members of the company will be visiting Whitecourt in the next few weeks to speak with the community.

"I need to speak with you, show you what the new nuclear technologies are now capable of," Henuset said, "I need to talk about the rewards, the environmental impacts and the alternatives. I need to show you what a nuclear facility will mean to you, your community and our province."

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