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EUB Exonerates Pipeline Spill near Lesser Slave Lake

A press release below from the EUB-- the same people telling us that Nuclear Powerplants that take years to construct, and then more years of operation to start being a reduction in Greenhouse gas emissions, are an "environmental benefit". Their track record is no longer credible. Here below, spilling oil is not dangerous to your health. So says the EUB.


EUB Completes Investigation Into Rainbow Pipeline Failure Near Slave Lake

Calgary, Alberta (May 9, 2007) The Alberta Energy and Utilities Board
(EUB) has completed its investigation into a pipeline leak that
resulted in approximately 7500 barrels of sweet light crude oil being
released in a remote area south of Slave Lake. The investigation
examined the cause of the leak and the response to the incident.

The EUB investigation has concluded that stress corrosion cracking,
fatigue cracking and external coating failure caused the release.

The EUB investigation also concluded that public safety was not at
risk during the incident.

An analysis of the response determined that the Rainbow Pipelines Ltd.
leak detection monitoring equipment provided an appropriate alarm of
the pipeline failure and the subsequent actions to shut down the
pipeline were initiated promptly.

Cleanup and remediation of the affected area continues and the
environmental impact has been contained. The EUB will monitor the
progress of the cleanup in cooperation with other agencies.

As a result of the incident and the EUB investigation, Rainbow
Pipelines Ltd. has committed to take a number of measures to increase
public safety and environmental protection. In addition to meeting
existing EUB pipeline regulations, the company will lower the pipeline
pressure, double the frequency of aerial surveillance, increase ground
surveillance in specific areas, conduct internal line inspections,
excavate, analyze and repair sites with similar characteristics,
evaluate its existing Management of Change process, and continue to
work with its corrosion experts on pipeline fatigue modeling.

The EUB will track progress of the actions committed to by Rainbow
Pipelines Ltd

The EUB ensures that the discovery, development, and delivery of
Alberta's energy resources and utility services take place in a manner
that is fair, responsible, and in the public interest.

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