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Everyone's Downstream: A Conference on Tar Sands Realities and Resistance

Everyone’s Downstream: Tar Sands Realities and Resistance
Conference to be held at:
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
November 24-25th, 2007

Everyone’s Downstream will be a conference designed to explore the links between oppression and self-determination on many levels: indigenous land rights, gender, ecological rights, workers democracy, anti-racism and anti-border perspectives as they relate directly to the tar sands of Northern Alberta. Speakers from a multitude of indigenous nations, social justice groups, and environmental organizations will discuss the social impacts of the tar sands on workers, women, indigenous nations, ecology, migrant populations, homelessness, and the anti-war movement.
The size of the tar sands issue can seem daunting, but in reality few issues have presented an opportunity for a social justice movement to truly articulate a different vision of organizing the world that has as many entry points, and can provide as large of an impact. The scale and scope of the tar sands is huge and has tremendously deep implications for the way we approach questions that span the social justice spectrum. With a coordinated response involving all sectors of North American social justice movements currently impacted by the largest industrial project in human history we have the possibility to change the course of human and ecological fate like nowhere else.
November 24th will be a series of panel discussion led by our guests. November 25th will be a chance for the multitude of groups and individuals attending to sit down and discuss a collective way forward. Suggested donation $10, NO ONE turned away for lack of funds.

Conference panels & delegates include:
• Julián Castro-Rea, University of Alberta, Temporary Foreign Workers and the SPP
• No One is Illegal--Vancouver, organizing around guest workers and migrant rights

• Jocelyn Saskiw, University of Alberta, Gender and the Boom
• Sharmeen Khan, Autonomy and Solidarity, The Whiteness of Green

• George Poitras, Fort Chipewyan, Living Downstream of the Boom
• Morris Amos, Gitamaat, Tar Sands Tanker Traffic on the West Coast
• Oscar Dennis,Tahltan Nation, Klabona Sacred headwaters
• Tara Marsden, Carrier Sekani Tribal Council. Enbridge Gateway Pipeline

• Brenda Brochu, Peace River Environmental Society, Nuclear Power to Fuel Tar Sands
• Albertans Demand Affordable Housing, housing crisis and the Boom

• Petr Cizek, Mapping the Tar Sands, The Bigger Picture
• Tom Keefer, Peak Oil, Class Struggle and the Thermodynamics of Production and Building Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples
• Peter Kulchyski , Friends of Grassy Narrows, Building Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples
• Colin Piquette, Friends of the Lubicon Alberta, Building Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples

• And more invited and not yet confirmed; Check back regularly for details and new confirmations.

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