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Foreign workers sacked from Olympics site (London England)

Foreign workers sacked from Olympics site

* Published: 02 February 2009 09:18

The police have arrested 136 illegal workers on the Olympic Park
site in Stratford, East London, in the nine months from April to
December 2008.

Of the 136 people arrested on suspicion of working in the UK without
permission 16 have been prosecuted, of which 11 were removed from the UK.

A further 19 workers have been granted leave to remain in the UK based
on new applications to the Home Office.

The remainder either have applications awaiting decisions or are
awaiting travel documents for removal from the UK.

An ODA spokesman said: "These figures demonstrate our joint efforts with
the UK Borders Agency to ensure people working on site are legally
entitled to do so.

"Since early last year UKBA representatives have been on site working in
partnership with our staff and contractors checking the documentation
for every worker employed on the Olympic Park. This protection will have
led to many of these investigations and also we, our contractors and the
Met Police facilitate intelligence led investigations on site."

Minister of State Phil Woolas revealed the information in a written
answer at the House of Commons last week.

Shadow immigration minister Damian Green said: "We should be worried by
the security implications of this, as well as this new evidence that all
the Government's tough talk on immigration controls is so much hot air."

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