Oil Sands Truth: Shut Down the Tar Sands

Greenpeace in Edmonton, their sights set on shutting down Alberta’s tarsands.

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Greenpeace comes to Edmonton


Greenpeace is setting up shop in Edmonton with their sights set on shutting down Alberta’s tarsands.

“The tarsands are one of the most environmentally destructive projects in Canada, if not the world,” said tarsands campaign organizer Geeta Sehgal.

Sehgal said the tarsands create 40 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year, ensuring Canada can’t meet its commitments to the Kyoto Protocol.

“The tarsands are also taking their toll on Albertans,” said Mike Hudema, Sehgal’s colleague.

“Increased homelessness rates, urban construction shortages, skyrocketing housing prices and pollution-related health problems can all be attributed to the development of the tarsands.”

Sehgal said Greenpeace would like to see an end to tarsand development immediately.

But the industry shows no signs of slowing.

Tuesday, Suncor announced it has filed a regulatory application to expand the company’s oilsands mining operations.

Suncor, the first company to commercially develop the oilsands, claims their new plan includes “detailed environmental and socio-economic impact analyses.”

They say the project will use new technology that will reduce air emissions and requires a smaller workforce, “which mitigates the social impact on the community.”

Suncor spokesman Patti Lewis said Suncor has a vision for oilsands development that includes reducing the environmental impact.

“(Suncor and Greenpeace) don’t necessarily have to be opposing forces,” she said, adding that they’ve worked together in the past and will again in the future.

The new Greenpeace office opens at Calgary Trail and Argyll Road on Thursday.

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