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Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) on "stemming" the tar sands

The NRDC, another heavily Pew-funded member of Gang Green, makes these radical demands about the tar sands, in their fact sheet posted on the web-site of the Pew front-group, the International Boreal Conservation Campaign:

"To immediately stem the development under way of tar sands projects in Canada’s Boreal forest, we should support conservation and environmentally sustainable development in the area, including:
- Interconnected network of protected areas and corridors to maintain the ecological integrity of
the Boreal forest and wildlife habitat.
- Strict standards for water management, watershed preservation, and air pollution controls.
- Reduce global warming emissions from tar sands production through a combination of efficiency improvements and carbon dioxide capture and disposal."


According to Jeffrey St. Clair, NRDC also prided itself for "breaking the back of the environmental movement's opposition to NAFTA."

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