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New Greenpeace office to fight tar sands

New Greenpeace office to fight oilsands
Published: Wednesday, August 01
EDMONTON - The environmental activist organization Greenpeace Canada is setting up shop in Edmonton to fight Alberta's oilsands development.
The organization has hired two full-time staff to campaign against devlopment of northern Alberta's oilsands, which it calls Canada's glob al warming disaster.
"The tar sands are the dirtiest and most energy intensive source of oil on the planet," the organization said today in a news release. "Greenhouse gas emissions from tar sands mining and upgrading are about five times greater than those from conventional oil production. The tar sands alone will ensure that Canada will not meet its international commitments under the Kyoto Protocol."
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It blames oilsands development for increased homeless rates, urban construction shortages, skyrocketing housing prices and pollution-related health problems
Greenpeace will officially open its office, at 6328 104th Street, on Thursday at 11 a.m.

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