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North Dakota: Keystone Pipeline Approved

New Pipeline Approved
Feb 21 2008 7:19PM
KXMBTV Bismarck

The Public Service Commission gives the go-ahead for a 218 mile oil pipeline through eastern North Dakota.

The Keystone Pipeline will run through eight counties. You can see it on this map.

The pipeline will carry about 600-thousand barrels of oil per day from Alberta to Illinois and Oklahoma.

Commissioner Kevin Cramer says it's in the public interest to build the pipeline.

Kevin:"Energy security is a high priority in this country so the fact that there is this very large supply of very large pool of oil in the country to our north I think is a great encouragement and ought to be a great encouragement and I think it certainly is in the public interest to utilize that oil.

Cramer says the PSC will closely monitor construction of the pipeline.

He says an inspector will be hired to be the eyes and ears of the PSC. The oil company pays the cost of hiring the inspector. It's not know when construction will begin.


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