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Protesters staged a noisy rally, opposing oil pipelines, in Vancouver.

Protesters staged a noisy rally, opposing oil pipelines, in Vancouver today.
CKNW News Talk 980 (Vancouver)
Charmaine de Silva |

Whether its Enbridge's Gateway pipeline or the Keystone XL, around 1000 people opposing the expansion of oil pipelines took part in a noon-hour rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

"We need to stop oil tanker expansion on British Columbia's beautiful coast." that is an example of what at least one speaker had to say to the crowd.

Environmentalists, academics, and first nations groups have come together to send a message to Ottawa, they oppose bringing oil supertankers to BC's coast.

One of the protesters, who brought his one year old son to the rally, says he is against oil pipelines in general.

"It is for little kids and his kids that we need a future with a healthy planet and the planet is not healthy at all right now so coming out to this demonstration is the very least I can do."

The protesters also marched to demonstrate outside the Vancouver offices of Enbridge.

The protest marks the 23rd anniversary of the Exxon Valdez disaster.


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