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A Push to Save Greenpeace

March 5, 2010
A Push to Save Greenpeace
Employees, activists struggle against Tzeporah Berman's appointment

by Dawn Paley

Activists launched a new website today, claiming Greenpeace International's appointment of Tzeporah Berman as co-director of its climate change campaign will push Greenpeace "beyond the point of no return." The appointment would make her a leader of the organization's global climate strategy.

savegreenpeace.org urges people concerned about Berman's appointment to sign on to a statement of opposition, sometime before the countdown clock hits zero, and she becomes "a cog in the corporate greenwashing machine."

Berman is under fire for the Great Bear Rainforest deal, which saved only 30 per cent of the forest and left the public in the dark, and for her praise of B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell. She carried the Olympic torch in the lead up to the 2010 Olympics.

"Greenpeace's original approach was confronting corporations and governments at the scenes of their crimes," said savegreenpeace.org co-creator Macdonald Stainsby. "That approach has softened lately, but if they hire Tzeporah Berman, they'll be on the fast track to corporate collaboration, beyond the point of no return," he said.

"It was greatly disappointing. I'm not willing to work for an organization that is willing to employ her, so I'm looking for alternatives," one Greenpeace staff member told savegreenpeace.org on the condition of anonymity. "There has been quite a bit of backlash to the decision already. 15 people I know have cancelled their memberships," he said.


Click here to listen to an interview with Macdonald Stainsby on the Early Edition with Rick Cluff on CBC Radio 1. Greenpeace declined to be interviewed.

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