Oil Sands Truth: Shut Down the Tar Sands

"Wake up America!" From the Rouseau River First Nation government.

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Roseau River is serious about ensuring that the oil pipelines scheduled to
pass through our territory do no pass without the government of Canada
fulfilling it's lawful obligation to consult and accommodate the First
Nation as set in many Supreme Court of Canada decisions.

The Alberta Clipper and Keystone Project will pump $47 billion worth of
crude oil to the US market every year. Ten years ago a group of us left to
Iraq at the invitation of the Hussein government to put a human face on
Economic Sanctions. Oil was the issue then in Iraq and it is the issue now
for indigenous peoples in Canada.

With the launch of this video we have officially started the campaign to
Wake Up America! We as indigenous people in Canada are asking that Americans
ask questions about the oil supply from Canada! Why is it so hard to share
with the indigenous people a portion of the wealth of our resources?

On Monday at the Chief and Council meeting our council approved a letter to
President Chavez requesting international aid to help us fight for a share
of the oil wealth passing through our lands. Among other things, we asked
President Chavez to lead an international awareness campaign on the issue of
Canadian oil flowing to the American market. The flow of oil to the States
occurs without any or little benefit to the original owners of the resource
wealth, the indigenous peoples of Canada.

We need international financial aid to help us take "big oil" and Canada to
court to ensure that they follow the decisions already made by the Supreme
Court of Canada in other cases.

There are very powerful forces at play in this and we therefore don't know
how long the video will be on You Tube, if you can down load it and keep it
for your files. We ask everyone to please send out this link to all your
contact lists.

Chief Terrance Nelson

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