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TransCanada invades Lubicon Territory

TransCanada Pipelines is an official supplier to the 2010 Games.

This pipeline will provide enough gas to *almost triple* current already
insane tar sands production levels.

Lubicon lands will be destroyed so that the speed with which the
destruction of the tar sands advances through towards Fort Chip and
elsewhere can go up massively and much faster.

Little Buffalo still has no running water.
The lake has not been potable for a few decades now.


TransCanada invades Lubicon Territory
... in order to "meet the public interest"?
Now this deserves a response.

November 17, 2008

On the facebook group [Friends of the Lubicon] wall (under recent news)
is a self-explanatory letter dated November 13 from Lubicon Councilors Alphonse Ominayak, Dwight Gladue, and Larry Ominayak to TransCanada Corporation Vice
Presidents Stephen Clark and Steve Schock.

The letter details conversations between the Lubicon Nation and
TransCanada Corporation representatives during the past two weeks --
conversations which were marked by a complete unwillingness on the part
of TransCanada to alter anything fundamental about its proposed North
Central Crossing Pipeline,
including the site of its 600-person contractor camp near Lubicon
fisheries and traditional sites, because to alter anything might impact
on its self-imposed construction timetables.

The Councilors’ letter is followed by a November 15th response from
TransCanada Vice Presidents Clark and Schock which claims, amongst other
things, that "TransCanada has received all necessary permits and
approvals required to construct and operate the North Central Corridor
pipeline project" even though
they’ve received no approvals from the Aboriginal owners of the lands
through which the pipeline passes and on which the company is installing
a 600-person contractor camp.

Clark and Schock further claim that they cannot move the 600-person
contractor camp further away from the 500-person Lubicon community and
outside of Lubicon Territory (which they call the "teardrop" because of
the shape of its outline on
a map), and that they must begin construction of their pipeline because
"TransCanada has an obligation to build this facility in a timely manner
to meet the public interest".

The public oughta tell TransCanada that its interests aren’t served by
steamrolling over Aboriginal communities, that its interests aren’t
served by ignoring international human rights conventions, that its
interests aren’t served by pretending to listen to Aboriginal people as
long as there’s never any
question of having to alter any of the company’s original plans or
timetables, and especially that the public is sick and tired of
corporate executives who pretend their pursuit of private profit has
anything whatsoever to do with the "public interest".

TransCanada’s President and CEO is:

Harold Kvisle
President and Chief Executive Officer
TransCanada Pipelines Limited
450 - 1st Street SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 5H1
Phone: 403-920-6144
Fax: 403-920-2354

His email is: hal_kvisle@transcanada.com

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