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Two people reportedly hurt in pipeline blast near Fort St. John

If this is not a set-up by the RCMP and/or associated folks, then the bomber is a moron. Either way, this will be used to come after dissent, especially mere moments after the announcement that security costs wold go up five times the planned amount for 2010. The need is for "security" forces to have something to be "secure" from.


Two people reportedly hurt in pipeline blast near Fort St. John
Canwest News Service
February 20, 2009

Damage caused to a natural gas pipeline is seen east of Dawson Creek in this October 12, 2008 photo.
Photograph by: Canwest News Service

Two people have reportedly been injured in another gas pipeline explosion in northeastern B.C.

The blast took out a section of pipe belonging to Spectra Energy in the Fort St. John area.
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Sun Correction...

This leak may be tied to a prior bombing, but the injuries are from injesting H2S, not from any blast.

The Sun posted a follow up, with this passage:

"We have no indication of external forces or factors such as sabotage or anything like that," Silva said. "Until a full investigation is complete, we won't know for sure what the cause is."

RCMP temporarily closed the highway but is not involved in the investigation.

"At this point we don't believe this is suspicious, so the RCMP is not actively investigating," said Const. Jackelynn Passarell.

Earlier reports said there had also been an explosion and fire at the site.

"There was neither a fire nor explosion," Silva said.

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